Please check which team you are on and when you arrive kindly pick up a bib that corresponds to your position.


DEF: Defender MID or FREE ROLE : Midfield STR: Striker

So if you are a defender, please pick up a bib with DEF on the back.


Position Name
Free Role Mathias Decourt
Left Defender SUN
Right Defender Joel Kempson
Centre Defender Naby Soussi
Left Midfield Mark Crowley
Right Midfield J ELL
Center Midfield Left Ben Barkhoff
Center Midfield Right Matt Quinn
Striker 1 DION
Striker 2 KAAI


Position Name
Free Role HOWARD
Left Defender HOWE
Right Defender DURANT
Centre Defender DAN.P
Left Midfield Zoltan Kote
Right Midfield AHMED MAHMOUD
Center Midfield Left NELSON
Center Midfield Right Robert Joy
Striker 1 Mark Sweetlove
Striker 2 Brais Alonso