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Pre season begins in MAY  2016 and we only have 25 spaces, so please grab your space ASAP to avoid disappointment.






Are you looking for an organised and fair 11 aside football team in South London? We have several 11 aside football teams, playing in  leagues in and around South London. We have 2 Saturday teams, and 2 Sunday teams.


Questions and Answers: Read before you join


Which leagues do you play in? 

We play in the Wimbledon & District league on a Saturday and Southern Sunday league on a Sunday. We play at 1:30pm on Saturdays and 10:30am on Sundays. You can play for either our Saturday or Sunday team, or both! 


Do you play on grass, is it 11 aside, and is it competitive? 

Yes, we play on grass, we do play on grass, and we play in leagues against other teams. This is not casual football, it is actual 11 aside Saturday afternoon or Sunday league football. 


Which days do you play? 

The good thing about FC SLFN is that we have both Saturday teams and Sunday teams. We are very flexible. 

Do you train? 

As we have more than one team, we have several midweek training sessions. You have a choice of attending Tuesday evenings at Southfields, Wednesday evenings at Wandsworth Wandle, or Thursdays at Merton Harris academy. 


Do I have to play every week? 

Not at all. We understand that living in London is busy, so we do not expect you to commit to playing every week. We normally have a 70% commitment rate, and we totally understand people cannot make it everyweek on a solid basis. You will not be penalized for this. 


Can I join without coming to a trial? 

Yes, you absolutely can. We have several teams, so once we have seen you play once at training, we can place you in the team that matches your ability. Obviously, if you are very good, we will invite you into our first team. If you need to brush up on your fitness, then you can start off in one of our reserve teams, and work your way up.  We have FA qualified coaches, who can not only improve your fitness, but also help improve you as a player. 


How good are the FC SLFN Teams? 

Obviously, without seeing you play, we cannot give you an accurate measurement of how good our teams are. Like we mentioned before, we have several teams, with different ability levels, so all we need to do is see you play, and then we can advise the team which is best for you. 


Can you get me fit? 

Yes we absolutely can. Apart from a choice of 3 training sessions per week. ( Dont worry you dont have to attend all ) We have a casual football network, which will allow you to play football for fun, this will not only allow you to brush up on your fitness, but on your skills too. It is also a great way of meeting new people. 

Im not going to be able to train every week, is this a problem? 

Not a problem at all, we understand that from time to time, things will come up. So we are very understanding with issues like this. You can choose your commitment level, and play according to what matches your lifestyle. We will of course place you in a team that matches your ability and commitment level.

Whats the FC SLFN Social scene like? 

Our social scene is excellent. We have an annual Christmas night out, poker nights, and quarterly banter nights in Claphan & surrounding areas. We also travel to Europe every summer for football tournaments. We went to Berlin & Copenhagen last year, and we are just preparing for a European tournament in Austria in July. 


How much is it to play? 


Our signing on fee is just £39.99. This is one of the cheapest signing on fee in London. Once we have registered you, you are free to book any league or cup game. A signing on fee will give you a players licence to play football for our team .The average signing on fee in London is £50.00 and we are very proud to keep our prices low. We have the cheapest signing on fee in London, for a team of our size & structure. 





ALL GAMES ARE FREE, AND YOU WILL GET £20 cash bonus for any clean sheets when we win.


How much is it per league and cup  game? 

Its just £7.99 to play in our league and cup games. The average price in London to play 90 mins for a team is £10, so again we are very proud to have kept our prices low. Pitch hiring and referee fees are very expensive in London, as well as washing kits, and equipment purchase, but we do work hard to keep prices as low as we can. 


Im not very fit at the moment, can I still join? 

Yes, you can. The league doesnt start until September, so you have a good few weeks to get fit. Why dont you try playing a few games in our casual football network, and then when pre season starts in June, the coach will assess your fitness and get you to the top of your fitness?


We have not answered your question, what to do next? 

If we have not answered your question, please email 





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