Here at SLFN we do value and look after Goalkeepers the best we can. 


If you would like to sign for FC SLFN in the new season, we are pleased to offer all league and cup games for FREE. You do not pay a penny for training, league games or casual games. 


We also have a clean sheet bonus on top of all the free games. If you would like to enrol, read the following and sign up. 


SLFN Goalkeeper Cleansheet bonus


In order for a Goalkeeper to qualify for a clean sheet bonus, he will need to fulfil the following requirements. 


1) The Goalkeeper must attend training at least once every three weeks.  We need

Goalkeepers at training so we can give shooting practice to our players. We can work 

around a goalkeeper not attending training, but not for too long. If a goalkeeper does not

Attend training for more than 3 weeks in a row, then he will continue to play for free, but

Not qualify for the bonus. 


2) Goalkeepers will earn a clean sheet bonus against NON FC SLFN teams. The clean sheet

bonus is not valid in internal FC SLFN games, nor is it valid if SLFN teams face each other in league or cup. 


3) A Goalkeeper must finish the game with NO bookings and have no fines outstanding. If a goalkeeper picks up a yellow card and a clean sheet, no bonus will be applicable. 


4) If a goalkeeper arrives late for a game, there will be no clean sheet bonus applicable. Late means if a goalkeeper arrives later than the advertised meeting time. 


5) If you book a game and do not turn up, then you will still get the FREE games, but will lose out on the clean sheet bonus for the next 3 games. 


6) The £20 cleansheet bonus will be applicable for the first TEN games of the season and ALL cup games, and there after it will be game by game, providing that we begin the game in at least 3rd position. After the first ten games, the bonus will go down to £10 if we begin the game in less than 3rd position. 


7) Goalkeepers will be sent a link each week to book, booking will be done on a first come, first serve basis. 


If you would like to sign up for the new system, complete the form below and sign up. 


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