As you all may be away, pre season will kick off SUNDAY 17th of June 2018. 



1) Where will pre season be? 



Pre season will be help at TOOTING TRIANGLE, which is in Balham. The pitch will be behind

Emmanuel Road in Balham, SW12 0HS.  A map will be shown on our Facebook page along with clear instructions. 



2) What time will pre season be held and for how long? 


Pre season will kick off at 9:30am / 10am  each Sunday, and will be in the form of an 11 aside game each week OR a tournament, with 3 teams taking part. You will play 3 games x 45 mins if it's a tournament. In the event of a tournament, the tournament players will each get 10 points and star player points will remain the same. Let us know if you have any questions. 



3) How many places will there be for pre season each week?  



There will be 13 spaces in each squad. If you do not book your space early, you may miss out. 



4) How will I register myself for a pre season session? 



Each week week, we will email and text you to remind you to book. A link will be sent out which you must click on, thereafter just complete the form and pay your subs to book in for that session. 


Make sure you book before the deadline, to take advantage of the discounts.


5) How much will pre season cost per session? 


If you use the discount codes provided and book when you get the email or text before the deadline, you will get 40% off. It works out around £7.99, give or take a few pennies.  Prices maybe high for a tournament though. But still around £8.99 if you use the discounts. 


6) If I am slow in booking, will you still be able to fit me in if the squads are full? 



The links to book will be sent out every Tuesday between 9am and 2pm. If you do not get a link to book, you must let us know by 3pm. 



We would ideally like people to book within 4 to 8 hours of being invited to book. Where we can, we will have an overflow session if the demand is high, but not every week. The squads fill up pretty quickly. 



It only takes 60 seconds to book, so it is up to you to do it asap so you don’t miss out. 



6) Will I be allowed to turn up in Sondico, Adidas, Man Utd or any other brand shorts and socks? 



You will need to turn up in NIKE shorts and socks, failing that, plain will do. You will need 1 pair of black shorts and socks, and 1 pair of white shorts and socks. Anyone not adhering to the kit code will be spending a lot of time on the subs bench, and if there is a consistent breach of rules, will not be given a club shirt. 



7) What if I turn up late? 


Punctuality is very important in our club. Those people who are consistently late will be identified early, and banned from playing. We will appreciate if you can leave your home early, turn up on time, warm up and stretch, and enjoy the game. 


Please do not be expected to be greeted with flowers if you turn up late. 



8) What if I book a session, and do not turn up? 


We would appreciate very much if you can communicate with us. Anyone not turning up lets both their teammates down, the club and themselves. If you are not reliable, then you will need to look for another club. 



9) I am only planning to turn up once a month. Can I still play? 



We are looking to build consistent squads, and we feel that missing anymore than 4 games in pre season may have a negative impact. Anyone who wants to show really low commitment will have their membership transferred to casual football membership, where you can play when you want. 



10) I played for the first team last season, am I guaranteed my place again this season? 



No one is guaranteed a place in the first team. Everyone will be given a fair opportunity to earn their place. We have a tried and tested points system.



11) What if I am injured and I need to miss more than 4 games? 


We would expect you to complete an absence form, because we have a fixed number of places in the squad. If you still want us to keep you in the picture, you need to let us know. Where possible, we will be as flexible as possible. 




12) I am a player who likes to moan a lot, argue with the referee, over ride the captain and disagree with the Coach. Will I still be welcome? 



We have a very strict policy on trouble makers and bullying. We want everyone to enjoy their football with us, this means treat people how you would like to be treated. We believe that you do not have the right to spoil anyone elses enjoyment. 



13) Does the club have a fine system? 



We are very much against using fines to discipline players, but sometimes we are left with no choice. Please expect fines for consistent lateness, booking a game and not turning up, turning up with the incorrect kit, yellow cards and red cards. Anything between £5 and £50 . 



14) Is the Balham venue our home pitch? 


No, Balham is where we have our pre season sessions and end of season tournaments. Our home pitches are normally located in Tooting Bec COMMON or EARLSFIELD. At the moment the councils have taken down all the goal posts, and lines for the pitches, so we set up our own pitches and use 12 x 8 Samba goals.  As soon as the goals are back up, we will resume on the normal pitches. 



15) How will I know which team I am on each week, and which colour shorts and socks to bring? 



We ask all players to join the SLFN Teamsheets page. Everything is published here, including meet up times, contact numbers, maps, locations and much more. 




16) I am a Saturday player, I will find it hard to attend the Sunday pre season sessions. What can I do when I cannot come on a Sunday? 



In that case you must book the Saturday 9 aside  casual game in Tooting. It is important that you use the next 3 months to get fit and ready for the season.  the link is below.  Copy and paste into a browser.


17)  I am not very fit, can I play in midweek too? 



Yes, as you know, all FC SLFN Players have up to 40% discount to all casual games, with our casual football network. All you need to do is use the discount code at checkout. Please note the discount code will change, to avoid people abusing the system, and joining the team, only to get up to 40% off casual football. 



18) When does midweek training begin and where? 



Midweek training will begin in late August at Southfields Academy, but for now we are asking players to book into the midweek 9 aside casual games to get used to the venue.  



19) What type of equipment will I need? 



Pre season will be on GRASS. You will need football boots and shin pads. We will give you club shirts. Please bring water with you.  Please note, there are no changing rooms or showers. Once the council puts the posts back up, we will move to our home pitches where we have changing rooms and showers. 



20)  What if I am not happy for any reason? 



Initially please email and your complaint will be dealt with in confidence. 



For all other information, please check the SLFN information hub . It is aimed to help you. Click the link below.



If your questions have not been answered above, please email us at and we will clarify. 


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