Your YELLOW and RED CARD FINE * Please Read*


As you all know our club is affiliated to the London FA, and if a referee books you, you will need to pay a yellow or red card fine as a result. 


It has been decided with immediate effect that players will now be responsible for paying their own yellow card and red card fines to the FA.


You can still make payment through SLFN if you don't want to call them but please bare in mind this will be more expensive as we have to pay VAT on your payment, and also PayPal will take a percentage too. In addition to this, there will be an admin charge.



We really don’t need the hassle, so you will have FOUR working days AFTER YOUR BOOKING to pay your fine proactively. The deadline will be THURSDAY 10pm.


Remember, you can now get a yellow card and a 10 minute sin bin for back chat. Please respect the referees decision. 



If you do not pay your fine in that time, we will pay it online for you and there will be a £5 or £10 administration fee added to cover admin, VAT and PayPal.



It will be up to you to pay your fine, otherwise we will pay it for you on Thursday and you will then need to pay the club. You will not be allowed to book again until you clear your fine.




1) Call the London FA on 0207 610 8360



2) Choose the OPTION 3 - Make sure it says Discipline



3) Make your payment - Advise name and club ( South London Football Network )



4) Email us confirming and letting us who took your payment.



5) There will be no reminder and this is completely your responsibility.



If we do not clear your fine, there will be another fine on top for the club.


 * PLEASE NOTE* It is up to you to pay your fine proactively, and if it is not paid by Thursday, you will nee dto pay the club



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