NEW STARTER: Not sure what to do next?



Once again, we wish you a warm welcome to our club.


Follow these steps and you won't go wrong. As you know SLFN is split into two. We have a casual football

network AND we have 4 football teams playing 11 aside league football. You are on this page, because

you have joined the football team and NOT the casual football network. Follow the steps below so you know what to do next. 


Please note, you DO NOT need a login and password to book games. Just click on the links we send you. 



10  steps you must follow - read below.



1) SUNDAY PLAYERS:  We will email you every TUESDAY, with the location and how to book your first league game. 

2) SATURDAY PLAYERS: We will email you every TUESDAY, with the location and how to book your first league game. 
3) As an 11 aside FC SLFN player you are entitled to 40% off all casual games.
Use discount code: ja31 at the checkout screen when booking games.  Click the link below to find and book a casual game.  
We will email you to book for the pre season sessions and update you in due course. 

If you want to know what casual football is, please click below


4) Please  join either our facebook and / or twitter groups. The links are below



Facebook :






5) You must check your SPAM / Junk mail for any emails from the following addresses:


6) You must purchase 1 pair of WHITE SHORTS and SOCKS, and one pair of BLACK SHORTS and SOCKS. These can be plain or Nike. We do NOT allow any stripes on the socks, or shorts, and the shorts must be plain.


7) Make sure you have a good look around at the FC SLFN information hub, the is link below. Just click it.  Everything is explained. You will find, maps, and valuable information relating to FC SLFN activites.


8) If you have any questions, complete the form below, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Before you send off any questions, make sure you give the hub a good read so we do not end up

re explaining what is already published.


9) To visit the FC SLFN information hub. CLICK  the link below.


10) Watch the following video clips to see goals from previous seasons

Here are 3 goals from our first teams.  Why don't you watch them? Click the youtube links below. 
GOAL 1: Last minute equaliser
GOAL 2: Textbook Header
GOAL 3: Well worked goal

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