In order to keep a steady ship, we have some very simple DO's and DON'Ts, just to make everything run smoothly.  We are ALL here to have fun and enjoy ourselves, but someone has to make the final decision so we do not have a mess. 


1) Please DON'T tell the Coaches how to do their jobs. Concentrate on your role on the pitch, and let them do theirs. If you are unhappy with how one of our Coaches is managing, and have a valid complaint, please drop an email to info@SLFN.co.uk and your complaint will be dealt with in confidence. Please avoid confrontation. We take insubordination, and lack of respect to our Coaches seriously, so we will approach lack of discipline with 0% tolerance. The Coach will decide formation, substiutions, and general strategy. 


2) Please DON'T criticise other players.  We would like all players to encourage eachother, especially if a player is having a bad day.  Everyone can make mistakes,  Players, Referees, and Coaches so please have respect for everybody including the opposition players. 


3) Please try NOT to pick up yellow or red cards. We are affiliated to the LONDON FA, so any bookings will result in Fines. 


4) Try and play regularly, if you are a player who wants to play one week, then take 2 weeks off, and establish a similar pattern over the season, we will give you a casual football login and advise you to keep to casual games. The team can only take 2 weekends off per season. We are happy for any players to have 3 weekends off, maybe 4 in one season, but anything above that, you will be referred to casual football. In order to win games, we do need consistency.  Any injury or absence should be reported using the absence form. Anyone going AWOL will be de registered, which means you will not get a game when you decide to come back. 


5) Please turn up with the correct kit. When we say Nike or plain  BLACK SHORTS AND BLACK SOCKS, we mean that. If you are going to turn up with black shorts, and an Adidas logo, or a Man Utd logo for example, this is against our kit code. We are not a pub team, or a circus outfit, so discipline begins with the kit. Anyone turning up without shin pads will not get a game. 


6) Please DO NOT use SLFN  to recruit players for your midweek 5 aside teams, or any other external teams. The SLFN spends a lot of money recruiting players, so the last thing we need is players getting injured playing for other teams. Any players caught poaching players will have their membership terminated, no questions asked. Please do not set up social groups under the SLFN banner, unless everybody is invited. We do not want to isolate any players. Yes it is fine to have your mates in the team in a whatsapp group, but we would prefer social events went through management, so there is 100% inclusion. If you have an idea about a social event, please email info@SLFN.co.uk so we can give every player the opportunity to take part. 


7) Lateness and Punctuality and going AWOL.  We have a very strict policy here, so anyone turning up later than the requested meet up time will probably spend a long time on the subs bench, or not get a game at all. Anyone not turning up and not telling us will also be penalised. Please email info@SLFN.co.uk for any lateness. 




8) Please help put up the nets and corner flags on HOME MATCH DAY. Not at pre season, but on match day.  Every player selected should get involved with setting up the pitch for home games, but not for away games, as that is the oppositions responsibility. 


9) We have an excellent disciplinary record within the club, we have won back to back fair play awards from the Wimbledon & District league, and West Fulham & District league. We get rid of bad eggs, and more often than not do not go to disciplinary. Please follow the rules, as they are very simple. We are not expecting you to re invent the wheel, we just want you to have some respect. If in the rare event that you have been invited to a disciplinary, it means we do value you and are throwing you a lifeline to stay with the club. 


10) Please treat the following link as your SLFN bible. It has ALL the information you need to know. We call it the SLFN information hub. Click and have a read, it is perfect bed time reading.  But please remember, we are Football people, so if you spot a mistake, do let us know! 




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