Dear players, we prefer if you keep to your original booking, as it does involve a bit of hassle for us to replace you, and move your booking on the system. 


We would prefer if you did not lose your booking, so follow the steps below to change. 


If you would like to change our booking, please follow the rules before. 


1) For evening games, you can change your booking by 11am of any day IF your game is on that evening. So if you put through a change request after 11am, your change will not be valid. 


2) For weekend games, you can change your booking up until midnight the night before.  We do not accept same day change bookings on the weekend. 


3) Please complete the form below, and pay the change booking fee. We will then confirm. 


* *You cannot change a booking that you have already changed once** 


Complete the form Below to get Registered for : CHANGE BOOKING


Kindly Enter the following fields Marked below :
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Which session would you like to change FROM and which session would you like to change TO? Please enter correct dates, times and sessions.
Please note, SLFN will be closed 18-21 FEB 2019: DO NOT book any games during these dates.
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