FC SLFN - Selection procedure and Substitution policy 2018 / 19 


Everyone who has registered to play for FC SLFN - will be given a fair chance to play.  BUT - It is important you read and understand the following as if you do not train, you may risk not playing.  Training is part and parcel of playing for a football team, so we expect everyone to attend. 


There are 13 on field places in each of our 4 squads


1) At the end of pre season everyone will be assigned to a team, either firsts or reserves. After the first 3 games, players will be moved up or down. 


Just because someone has started in the reserves, this does not mean he will stay there. The same goes for a first team player too. 


2) How will selection work? 


Every one who attends training will be given PRIORITY BOOKING.  This means that they will get to book for the game on a first come , first serve basis on a Tuesday. 


This usually means that if you have attended training, you will get to play on the weekend. If you have not attended, you have to try booking on Thursday, you will ONLY get to play if there are spaces left. Alternatively you can do an EXPRESS BOOKING. 




It is important to train midweek with your squad, as a midweek run out will really help you on the weekend



3) What if I do not train? 


We understand that it will not be possible to train every week, so you have the following 2 solutions.  


1) You will be invited to book on Thursday, IF there is any space left after those who have trained have booked. There is always one or two places left, or you can rely on cancellations if you want. 


2) You can do an EXPRESS BOOKING on Monday, the subs will be more expensive, but you can book for the game before anyone else. 


To keep things fair, each person can only do TWO  express bookings per calendar month.  




 How will  substitutions work? 


1) It is SLFN policy to start the last 3 players who turn up, or the players who are late as substitutes. This will be the case unless there is no other player able to play in that position. 


2) Any player who does not help with putting up the nets will also risk starting sub. This will be the case unless there is no other player able to play in that position. 


3) Any player who does not wear the correct shorts or socks, will also risk starting sub. This will be the case unless there is no other player able to play in that position. 


4) What if I have started sub or have been taken off and I have paid the full fee? 


Answer: Anyone who plays 30 minutes or less will be given FREE training providing they are not late and no discipline problems have been reported.  


5) What if the game gets cancelled due to weather or any other reason? 


You will be given FREE training, or a code to book for the next game for free. 


6) If no one is late and everyone has helped with the nets, then the Coach will make that call depending on what positions are needed. 




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