PRE SEASON - How will it work




1) Pre season will be held in BALHAM, every Sunday until September. 



2) If you are a Saturday player and you cannot attend Sunday pre season, you will need to book in to the Saturday casual session at Tooting.


Click the link below to book the session and use discount code: ds25



3) Each weeek we will play an 11 aside game. You will be on a random team each week. Players will be scoring points for themselves. Each player, even last seasons first team players will start with 0 points. 



* You will get 1 point for turning up




* You will get 3 points if you are on the winning team on that day



*You will get 1 point if your team draws



* You will get 0 points if your team loses



* If you are chosen as the star player for your team, you will get an extra 5 points. 




4) Using the points system we will create a league table of players.  So if you play 10 games and you win all 10 games, You will get 30 points  + 10 points fo turning up, 1 for each week. 



5) If you attend on a Saturday you will get 2 points for attending. Please try to attend on a Sunday wherever possible. 




6) At the end of the process: Players with the highest points on the ladder will be grouped up in the first teams, players with lower points will be grouped up in the reserves. The season begins in the first week of SEPTEMBER, 2018.




7) Once you have played 5 games in the season, your coach can nominate you to move up from the reserves, or down from the firsts.



8) Just because you start life in the first team, does not mean that you will stay there. 



9) If you are unavailable, YOU NEED TO complete an absence form.  If you don’t, we may replace you and delete your registration for not keeping in touch.  PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH, ALTERNATIVELY, LET US KNOW YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED ANYMORE, SO WE CAN PLAN AHEAD.  We will appreciate you doing this very much.



10) If you are not available for Saturday or Sunday for that week, you must use discount code: ds25 and book a midweek casual game. Just so we know you are playing to earn pre season points just type the words SA11 after your name on the form if you are a Saturday player and SU11, if you are a Sunday player.  You can book a casual game by clicking below.



The location of PRE SEASON will be at TOOTING TRIANGLE in BALHAM.


Please join the Facebook groups below as that’s where we publish maps and match day information.



If you turn up late

If you book and don't turn up

If you wear the wrong kit

Discipline issues

Not communicating an absence.

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