Dear FC SLFN Players

We are very pleased to announce the date we kick off for pre season, and how it will all work. Please read until the end and respond. 

1) SLFN PRE SEASON will kick off on SUNDAY 4th of June 2017 and run weekly every Sunday until September. 

1a) PRE SEASON will run on a points system. At the end of the process the players with the highest points will be grouped together and the players who earn lower points will also be grouped together. EVERYONE will start with 0, including players from last years first and reserve teams. 

How to earn points 

1b) Each week we will host an 11 aside tournament between 4 teams. , and each week the players on the winning team will earn 10 points. Every week the teams will be random.  All players will get 1 point for turning up . All players in the team finishing 2nd will get 5 points. Players in the teams finishing 3rd and 4th will get 3 points each. 


We will be awarding star player points to 3  players from each team every week. 

This will be in addition to the point system that will already be taking effect in order to help determine SLFN first teams and reserve teams for next season. 

Star players will earn 3 points

1c) In late August, we will then have a tournament, where all 4 teams will take part. 2 teams from Saturday and 2 teams from SUNDAY. Players will be grouped according to their points. The team finishing higher for their respective day will earn the right to become the FC SLFN first team, and the teams finishing lower, will become the reserves. 

1d) Players will only allowed to miss a maximum of 4 sessions between 4 June and the Tournament, otherwise we will give you a casual football membership instead of your league membership. 

1e) If you are unavailable for ANY sessions, you need to complete the form below.

2) Both Saturday and Sunday players will be required to attend each Sunday. 

3) The location of PRE SEASON will be at TOOTING TRIANGLE in BALHAM. Full address and map will be posted and we will get going at 10am each week. 

3a) Each week a link will be sent out to you to book your place. You must not waste anytime in booking as the sessions fill up very quick. If you leave it too long, there is nothing we can do if its full. 

4) Any Saturday players who are not available that week to attend Sunday pre season training will have the option to book into the Saturday ( 9 aside )  casual game ON a Saturday. 


 Any Saturday players who cannot make the Sunday sessions ( Which will be the only 11 aside sessions ) , can just book into the Saturday casual session, by clicking the link below. Just use code: r18 to get 50% off. When you book in, put the initials PS after your name so we know you are attending pre season, and the coach facilitating the game will send us a report about your ability and fitness. You will also score 2 points for each appearance. ( Scoring system in previous email about pre season, if you don't have it let me know )

5) The Sunday league season will begin in the first week of September, and the Saturday league on the second. 

6) Players should now begin playing in the TUESDAY / WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY casual sessions, in order to get used to attending training, and to also start to get their fitness up. You can use discount code r18 to book those games. All games are on the link below.

7) You will need 1 pair of plain of black nike shorts and socks and 1 pair of plain or nike white shorts and socks. This is to accomodate home and away kits. Anyone turning up with addidas, sondico, another football teams logo, will either be refused entry, or spend a long time on the subs bench. 

8) Please CONFIRM you understand this communication by completing the form in below. 

More information to follow. 




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