Want to play casual football in SOUTH LONDON? 


Have you ever been to a kickabout organised between friends, and not enough people have turned up, it's been poorly organised, too much shouting and no one keeps the score? To add to this, there are no bibs, too many alpha males, everyone wants to play striker, no one keeps time and there is an argument every 5 minutes? Well, join the club!


Have you ever moved to a new city, you hardly know anyone, but you want to have some fun and make new friends? 




Welcome to the SOUTH LONDON FOOTBALL NETWORK, we have been running well organised & successful kickabouts for more than 5 years now. Thanks to word of mouth, we are growing everyday, because people like how we do it! 

If you want to play football, when it suits you, but you do not want to commit yourself to any team or for long periods of time, then our casual football sessions are for you. Join our ever growing group of footballers, who come down and play. You can play as many times as you want or keep things to a minimum and play once a month! You're in control!!!! 

Whether you want the fast pace of non stop cage 5 aside, the luxury of 3G football, 9 aside astro turf, or 11 aside on grass, we have weekly sessions to fit everyones needs. 

We work tirelessly to provide a well organised and safe environment for people to come down and play football, hassle free. We are committed to providing the best footballing experience possible, and we are confident, no one does it better. 

We have adopted a methodical & systematic approach in all areas of our organisation, this comes from loving what we do, our passion is indeed all things football & our aim has always been to provide the best footballing experience possible. 

We keep our fees low, to encourage sports and development. costs per game are from £3.99 per person and this covers the cost of pitch hire, referees, washing of football kits, general administration and organisation. 

We are your local football network. YOU decide when you play! 

Please make sure you visit our FAQ page, if you need more information, or email


* You can either play as a GUEST or become a Member. Either is fine, however, becoming a member is much cheaper and allows you to play more games on a regular basis!  Click one of the buttons below!