How can the South London Football Network (SLFN) help me?



If you are an individual 16+ and you are looking to play football, but don't know where to start, read on!
The SLFN can help you play casual football or league 11 aside football. You can either come down for an informal, well organised game or play competitive 11 aside league football on the weekend for one of our teams.




Are you really the largest casual football network in London & the UK?




We have more than 19,000 people on our books who check in to play casual football with us, and a Facebook following of more than 19,000. We are not only affiliated to the FA but are also delivery partners to get more people into playing football.


What is Casual Football all about?


Have you ever been to a kickabout organised between friends, and not enough people have turned up, its been poorly organised, too much shouting and no one keeps score? To add to this, there are no bibs, too many alpha males, everyone wants to play striker, no one keeps time and there is an argument every 5 minutes? Well, join the club! Welcome to the SOUTH LONDON FOOTBALL NETWORK, we have been running well organised & successful kickabouts for more than a year now. Thanks to word of mouth, we are growing everyday, because people like how we do it! ??It is flexible and casual football. Just book and play when you want, come down on your own or bring a friend. We will put you into teams , so all you need to do is decide when you play. There is no fear of being rejected or dropped because you had a bad game. We have a 0% tolerance for trouble makers and every game is just great fun. Even if you decide you want a runout at the last minute, just book online and play. You don't have to come every week, and you don't have to commit. No contracts, no long term commitment. Make new friends each time you play! It's simply a very well organised kickabout.




How do I book?




All you need to do, is click on the GREEN book and play button on our homepage, and the rest is so simple! If its your first time, you get 50% off. Scroll down to see our discount codes! Come down and play for half price and see if you like it?




50% OFF if its your first time.





Which type of footwear do I need?




You will need astroturf trainers. We play on 3g and astroturf, so you will need astro turf trainers to play. If you need football boots, we will notify you.




Do I need shin pads?




Safety first! You will need to wear shin pads to play.




Do you have any joining fees?




There are absolutely no joining fees for casual football, just book and play for the sessions you wish to attend. There are no ongoing fees and no hidden fees. Games start from as little as £3.99 per person, so pay and play.




Where do you play?




We currently play in the London boroughs of Wandsworth, Lambeth, and Merton . We are planning more venues in South London, and are in discussions to open up the East, West, & North London Football Networks, along with the Croydon Football Network.




I am an individual without a team, can I still play?




Yes, of course; this is ideally for people like you! People without a team, who cannot play or commit to a team every week. Just book a session, come down and we will sort out everything else, including your team. The SLFN facilitators will greet you and organise everything.




I'm not very good at football, is this for me?




We cater for EVERYONE regardless of ability. This is more about getting people active and running about, rather than being somewhere to compete.




Can ladies play?




Yes, you sure can. If you have no problem playing within a majority male environment, then we have no problems with you joining in.




It's too far for me to come down and play, the journey is too complicated, can you help?




Why don't you have a look at the transport for London website? Google it after reading this. Our pitches are very close to major tube and train stations. Tooting Broadway on the Northern line, Southfields on the District line. We also have sessions very close to Wandsworth, Earlsfield and Mitcham Eastfield train stations.




Can I play in my favourite position?




You will be given the opportunity to book and play in your preferred position, however, this can only be guaranteed if you book early for a session as demand is high, especially for the striker positions. We have 19,000 people each week competing for 200 spaces per week. So please book early.




Do you play all year round?




Yes we do! We take a 2 week break at Christmas, and a summer break of 1 week. If the World cup or Euro championships are on, we potentially break for these competitions also.

I don't live in South London, can I still play?

You sure can! We have people coming to play from as far as Watford and East Ham. Just get on the tube, or train and come down.

How are your games organised?

All of our games are organised by facilitators. Our facilitators are FA qualified, with 1st aid & safeguarding children certificates. When you arrive, you will be greeted by a facilitator, who will go through everything with you. The teams will be chosen randomly each week, allowing you to make new friends all the time.

How long are your games?

You will get at least 1 hour of football in each session.

How many aside is it?

Our sessions can be anything from 7 aside to full 11 aside. This is depending on how many people book. We also have high tempo 5 aside sessions.




Do I have to pay?




For every game we organise, we have to hire the pitch, hire the referee, wash the bibs, and provide footballs. Your payment will cover the cost of these expenses. We have a pay per game system.




Does the SLFN give discounts?




Yes, we give discounts for CASUAL FOOTBALL only.

Yes. If its your first time, and you have never played before, please use discount code new01 at checkout to get 50% off your first game.

If you book as a defender, you can also get a discount. Use discount code def01 at checkout to see how much you can save.

If you book as a left back, the discount is even more. All you have to do is enter lef01 at the checkout to see how much you can save.




Which kind of surfaces do you play on?




We play on grass, 3g and astro turf.




I already play for a team, can I come down & play to increase my fitness?




We have so many people who play football for other teams, but come down & join us, simply because they need an extra session in the week to help them with their fitness. Others come, just because they love football!




I want to come down with a friend, can we play on the same team?




Sure you can! All you need to do is email and request this.




I've just booked to play, and it's my 1st time, how do I find you guys?




The address and location is shown on each booking page and all our emails that we send out. 




I can't book online, can I still play?




You can make an email booking by sending an email to Priority is given to people who book online and you will be informed in good time whether you are playing or not.




Do you cancel a session if the weather is really bad?




We try not to cancel our sessions, as the demand is very high to play in any weather. But if we do, we would normally send a group email and make an announcement on Facebook. So make sure you are on our mailing list and Like our Facebook page.




How do I complain?




We are 100% committed to giving you the best service possible. In the event that you need to complain or are not happy, please email and we will treat your issue with the strictest confidence. You will be helping us improve our service, so please do not be put off by complaining; if you find anything not to your satisfaction please let us know.




My question hasn't been answered, what do I do now?




If you have a question that has not been answered, email and we will answer you!