By playing with the South London Football Network, you are playing with an exclusive club. We are only looking for players who are interested in football. If you are out to argue with the referee, criticise other players, or break the rules, the facilitator will STOP THE GAME, and ask you to leave. We have over 6000 players, so unless you are the type of respectful player we are looking for, you will not last long. People who constantly bitch, moan and criticize will be found out and removed from the network. Our facilitators are there to run a game, and not to deal with disruptive, or abusive behaviour.

1) LATENESS IS DISRUPTIVE. The South London Football Network prides itself on starting games on time. We expect you to arrive 10 minutes before kick off and to spend that time warming up and having a stretch. It is not fair on the other players on the pitch, if the game has to stop, to accommodate any late comers. As per the booking conditions, you agree that your booking is only valid if you arrive on time and are present and on the pitch at the time of the advertised kick-off. If you arrive late, you agree that your booking is NULL & VOID. It is at the sole discretion of the facilitator whether to allow you on to the field of play. We aim to give the best footballing experience to individuals and to do this, punctuality is a must.

2) The game will begin per the time advertised time on the website, and end on time. If you are LATE, please wait until half time to be placed in a team. Please do NOT disturb the referee once the game has started, as his job is to facilitate the game. It is your duty to turn up 5-10 minutes before, to warm up/stretch and be ready for kick off. It is not fair on the other players on the pitch, if the game has to stop, to accommodate any late comers.

3) Slide tackles are not allowed. Please stay on your feet when playing or passing the ball.

4) We do NOT have a back pass rule. You are FREE to pass the ball back to the keeper and for him to pick it up.

5) Free kicks can be direct or indirect, the player chooses. The important thing is, the wall must be at least 2 metres back.

6) If the ball is kicked, headed or crossed out of the arena, as a result of a shot, header or cross, the player who kicked or headed it must retrieve the ball. A penalty shall be awarded to the opposing team to compensate. This will NOT apply if A) the ball touched the fence on the way out and B) if the ball leaves the arena from the sides. If for any reason that ONE team has one less player, then the penalty rule shall not be enforced for that team. This is to compensate them having 1 less player. This is known as the "Wilson rule". Penalties will also be given for any handballs, or fouls within the penalty area. Penalty kicks should be taken according to your shirt number. Strikers have first priority. So the striker wearing bib "1" will have the right to take the first penalty. If they do NOT want to take the penalty, then the right automatically falls to number 2. The 3rd penalty goes to number 3, and so on. Penalty takers cannot be nominated, and in order to keep things fair, shirt numbers will dictate the process. (DOES NOT APPLY TO BALHAM AND WANDSWORTH)

7) Throws can be underarm or overarm. The ball is allowed to travel over head height.

8) We do NOT normally apply the offside rule at our Kickabouts. The only exemptions being Balham & Crystal Palace.

9) We do not tolerate any trouble, bullying or harassment towards anyone at our Kickabouts. We will ban you for any unacceptable behaviour.

10) Please play in the position you have booked for. The facilitator will read out your position before the game. We will also email you the TEAMSHEET. Please DO NOT ask anyone to swap positions with you. If someone has paid to play as striker, they should NOT be asked to play anywhere else. The Facilitator will run the game, as per the instructions of the SLFN admin teamsheet email.

11) If there are NO Goalkeepers registered for a session, everyone will take it in turns to go in goal. The number on the back of your bib will dictate your turn in goal. So bib number 1 will go in goal first. The facilitator will call your number out when the game stops, in order to rotate everyone in this position. Please wear the gloves provided. Goalkeeping turns are synchronised on both teams. This will normally allow the game play to be fair. For example both teams will have a midfielder in goal at the same time, or both teams will have a defender in goal at the same time.

12) The facilitator is there to make sure you have an organised and fair game. They will also referee the game. No matter what level of football you play at, the referee will never get 100% of decisions right, so if the ref gets a decision wrong, please get on with the game. Everyone makes mistakes.

13) The Referee / Facilitator decision is ALWAYS final. Please play the game in good spirit, as the emphasis is to enjoy yourself, and enjoy a good game of football. At the end of the game, kindly return your bib to the facilitator. Everyones bib number is recorded, so it is your responsibility to return your bib.

14) The referee has the power to send a player to the sin bin ( Off the field of play) for a total of 3 minutes for a rash challenge or unacceptable behaviour. After the player is asked to leave the pitch (sin binned) 2 times during a game, he will be sent off on the 3rd occasion and will have no further involvement in the game.

15) Our teams are selected randomly each week. You can have a maximum of 2 friends playing on the same team with you for each game. If you want to have more than 2 friends playing on the same team as you, please email and we will make a decision on this. However this is not something we would allow every week. just so we can avoid the same group of people playing eachother all the time.

16) Please do not send anyone else in your place if you cannot play. We will refuse them entry onto the field of play. You must email if you wish to cancel your place or just text a facilitator. Failiure to notify us that you will not be attending will quite frankly have a negative impact on the teams and we may refuse any further bookings from yourself. No matter how late in the day you wish to cancel, please use the contact details on the website to inform us. Email admin or text a facilitator. We will appreciate it very much and will be very grateful if you do this.

17) Once the teamsheets have been emailed, they cannot be changed unless there is a cancellation or injury.


Its so simple - Grab your bib, introduce yourself to your team mates, and get into your position, as per the team sheet. Enjoy the game!

GOALKEEPER: The number on your back will determine your turn in goal. Number 1, please grab the gloves, as you are in first.


FREE ROLE: If you are playing in the FREE ROLE position, you will be playing in a number of positions. For example, if its a strikers turn to go in goal, please play as striker and replace him until he is back on pitch, if it is a right backs turn to go in goal, then please drop into that position. The FREE ROLE position will allow you to play in several positions during the game. If your team has a goalkeeper, then slot into the centre midfield position, and read the game accordingly.

If you are confused about the FREE ROLE position, please email